Friday, May 20, 2005

Contemplating, ruminating, praying

For the last few months, I've been ruminating about changing careers. At my age, quite a lot of well-meaning friends give me all sorts of friendly advice about the hard times, about gritting my teeth and just toughing it out. I must admit the thought of actually pushing through with my dreams, going out on my own, freelancing, and pursuing plans to work by myself is giving me some scary moments. I'm not at all rich. I wasn't born with any kind of metal spoon much less a silver one. I can't rely on anybody but the good Lord and myself. If iI don't work, I will definitely go hungry. There are times when I was sick and really feeling low but I just have to be extra tough and tough it out because nobody would feed or take care of me.

I find myself at the crossroads again. Is it too late to start anew? Do I just let go of my plans and dreams and just tough it out even though I'm not happy about my work anymore? strange observation this is: when you're younger, you have all the time in the world to play and explore even though you don't have much money. then you grow up, get a job that pays rather well but it takes away your time and freedom. While I don't have a surfeit of money, I learned that it's true, money can't buy you happiness.  In the past years, I have learned to yearn for things that don't require spending money for. All in all, something to contemplate and pray over.

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Unknown said...

hey oggie, one thing that's hard to let go is the comfort level diba? if you're changing career, it means you're marching to the unknown equipt with ...nothing! hahahaha ^o^ It's a really tough decision to shift gears, esp when we talk about our careers. I realized that there are times we confuse ourselves with our distaste of 'what is' coz we just got bored out of what we're doing, and the thought of doing something else energizes us, syempre naman something new is always something exciting diba? What then again, the question really is, how much do we want to change that it's ok to get our of our comfort zones? Or baka naman bored lang talaga tayo and if something new sparks again we really dont want to go...Or baka din it's about time to move on diba? It's true, money cannot buy you happiness. But what it can buy you is comfort... I guess what I'm saying is, whatever your decision will be, think about it very hard, pray for wisdom :)and really look inside your heart, and if you can imagine yourself in another way, with the life of a person you think of changing to be, then perhaps it's really about time to move on :) Dont worry about surviving, sabi nga sa bible, the Lord feeds even the birds, ikaw pa?! It's the fear of (possibly) not being able to sustain our lifestyle is the real question to deal with diba? Hayy..grabe, I don't really know if I'm make even a slight sense here hahahaha..Anyways, I will pray that you find the right answer :)


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