Tuesday, August 9, 2005


It's a busy, busy life. But wouldn't it be wonderful to, every once in a while, go out there and explore. To be like this kite, savoring the rush of the wind, attempting to reach the clouds, feeling the warmth of the sun.

I've always had a streak of a nature freak in me and I've been giving in to it in the past year or so. Badminton has been taking the very far backseat to mountaineering. Seeing Travel Time last night with its feature on Batanes makes me want to go back soon. The segment on Cagayan makes me want to wander into Callao Caves, something I've been planning for months (at times, I'm tempted to just jump into the bus to Tuguegarao). 

Kinda hard to believe because from time to time, I feel altophobia and claustrophobia while up in the mountains or deep inside some cave but I guess the passion overcomes the fear. I think that's the real meaning of being free.


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