Friday, September 29, 2006

Milenyo aftermath - Let there be light

Yesterday's typhoon took the city by surprise. Trees fell. Roofs flew. streets went under the water. And light succumbed to darkness. Just how important electricity is to city-folks became very apparent when PSP- and videogames-reared kids aired their boredom by creating all sorts of noises. Even adult neighbors in the condo were visibly dampened by the lack of anything to do -- with no TV, no compo, drained iPods, drifting cell signals. 

Instead of cursing the darkness, I sort of embraced it. It gave me time to read, listen to AM radio (a lost art, if you'd ask me), do some chores that begged for some downtime like collate my travel pictures. I consider myself lucky as the only thing the storm really inconvenienced me was a leak in the roof (others had it worse). If anything, the power outage reacquainted me with fire. having taken electricity for granted, we city folks have lost touch with something as ancient, as primitive, as fire. Time was when families and communities huddled around the fire, swapping stories, creating bonds. It is during times like these when such bonding can happen again, even just for the time it takes for Napocor to restore power.


cruise said...

first, great picture as usual. i might try that next time.

glad to hear on how you deal with the inconvinience of having no electricity. makikita naman natin na tlagang malaki ang pinsala ng bagyo at ginagawa naman talga ng paraan ng meralco yung pag re restore ng powerline nila. tama ka dami pang pwedeng kawing kapakipakinabang hanbang naghihintay tayo na maging normal lahat.

glad to know that you are safe :)

iskoo said...

yung mayayaman na di makatiis ayun nagsiksikan sa hotel, ggod for them kasi marami silang pera.

pero sa isang katulad mo na maraming pera pero nakakita ng paraan paano makaka-go-through sa pinsala ng bagyo, bilib ako sayo oggie

Anonymous said...

honestly i ws one of the people na sobrang nainis dahil walang electricity..paano ba naman may pasok ako ng 12midnight tapos ang hirap pang sumakay..buti na lang safe akong nakapasok..pero nung umuwi ako morning saka ko lang naisip na masuwerte pa ako..grabe ang daming trees na natumba mga billboard na tumama pa sa mga bahay..kawawa talaga..and worst ang dami kong nakitang walang tirahan kundi ang lansangan na pinagsusumikapang ayusin ang barong barong nila..i wondered paano pa sila nakasurvive..lets all pray for all those who were affected by the strong winds & rain..suwerte pa nga tayong metro manila di masyadong binaha..

ashley diaz

wilfredo pascual said...

hi oggie. i really liked the last passage. it brings back beautiful memories. reminds me too of that rilke poem in one of my entries that ends with faith in nights. cheers.

Ferdz said...

I remember when I was a kid it was during these brownouts when our family would huddle in one room and my lola would tell us stories from ghost to old times. That sometimes I look forward to those outages as well. Hehehe.

Good thing leak lng sa roof yung naging prob mo. Cguro dami mo ng travel pics. Hehehe

Iskoo said...

oks yung composition mo ha, mukhang nalibang ka nga nung black-out di lang sa pagpiture ng kandila kung sa maraming bagay. maganda yang pananaw mo, hindi ka tumitingin masyado sa problema kundi sa ano pa ang pwedeng gawin sa kabila ng problema na meron tayo. i commend you for that, worthy to emulate.

ToNeTTe said...

hey og! thanks for dropping by. Our patience coping up with the no water no electricity dried up by saturday, Sept. 30. Hauled my parents to Diamond Hotel for a brief respite from the black-out for an overnite stay.

oggie said...

mga friends, salamat sa pagdalaw,

ung mga tinuran ko eh pampalubag-loob ko sa sarili ko. maaring sa tingin natin, malaking inconvenience ung pagkawala ng koryente at tubig at agree ako, malaking hassle yun. pero at least me magagawa pa tayo, kamukha ni tonette na nagcheck-in sa hotel. yung iba, talagang nawalan ng bahay. me mga kakilala ako sa bicol, sabi, buwan ang bibilangin bago bumalik ang koryente. mantakin nyo yun.

bro iskoo, hehehe, hindi ako mayaman. sa kaibigan pa, oo, hahaha.

bro cruise, thanks for the concern. sana, ligtas din kayo lahat.

bro ferdz, sinabi mo pa -- ang dami kong backlog na kelangang i-collate na travel pics, hehehe. lakwatsero ksi.

bro willi, salamat for the comments. i guess there's something about fire and darkness that bring out some side of a person that is seldom seen (much as driving in manila brings out the beast in almost everybody, hahaha)

ashley, yeah, i agree with you. it could have been worse. i guess we can count our blessings because a lot of other people were not so fortunate.

keep safe everyone! and thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi oggie. i got here from sidney's blog.

super typhoon milenyo really caused havoc to many filipinos. but i'm still glad that all we had to contend with was prolonged power failure and some degree of boredom. others had far more worse predicament.

you're right, listening to am stations seem to be a dwindling activity nowadays. it was only during the storm that got me interested in listening to am stations again.

i hope that we will not experience another storm of this magnitude again.



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