Monday, October 9, 2006

Manila Zoo - Eyeball sa zoo

Was supposed to go back home early yesterday to grab some much-needed rest to recover from a bout of fever and colds hounding me the past 4-5 days. But I was also suffering from withdrawal symptoms of not being able to take pictures the past weeks. Ergo, after coming from brunch with my mom in Tondo, made side trips to Hidalgo and Manila Zoo for photo-ops.

The Manila Zoo, admittedly, badly needs more funding for better upkeep. but I'm very happy to note that the zoo keepers are a kind lot, helpful and eager to help out. One thing I wish would happen is that zoo-goers will help out in maintaining the cleanliness of the zoo. While taking pics at the ostrich cage, I blew my top when a kid gave an ostrich a piece of foil to feed on. I'm normally tolerant and gregarious, especially to kids, but this occasion really lit my fuse. The parents of this kid and other children need to be educated about animal cruelty. I'm not about delve into the anti-zoo sentiments of some environmentalists; all I'm asking for is a little discipline and common sense. The animals are already in cages, please don't degrade them by feeding with your scraps, or worse, giving them trash.

On the bright side, going back here brings childhood memories. the caretakers, especially of the kinder zoo, are especially accommodating. It is thru their kind assistance that I present the captures here.


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