Monday, October 16, 2006

Manila Zoo and a manic weekend

Had a busy weekend so this monday seems to be just an extension of last week. Friday overtime that spilled over to Saturday early morning. a hidalgo errand on Saturday. Baptism of my new inaanak yesterday.A  long, overdue chit-chat with my pinsans and aunts plus hatiran.A  sideline briefing in the afternoon.F eeling pooped out, decided to forego playing badminton to visiting the zoo again. The animal handlers greeted me with big smiles as i'm a familiar face from just last weekend's visit. 

The grey skies gave way to a wonderful sunset. Since the Manila Yacht Club is just like three streets away from Manila Zoo, decided to take my chances.A nd what a reward it was. I've waited like almost two months for this opportunity. The Manila Bay sunset is still a glorious sight to see. Come, share the view. It's free.


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