Monday, July 23, 2007

40,000 thank you's

My flickr surpasses the 40,000 mark on its 3rd year. A big thank you to everyone who made it possible, from old acquaintances who saw my growth as a fledgling point and shooter to a DSLR user through the years to new friends who keep me going with their kind words of encouragement. God bless y' all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations! Ang dami nun ha. And more to come pa.

Ka-ka open ko lang ng flickr account din and hope to explore that avenue. Yung yahoo kasi me libreng 3 months na pro account if you transferred your photos from yahoo photos to flickr. Mukhang enjoy din ang community dun.

carlotta1924 said...

huwaw andami mo nang mga litrato! congrats and keep shooting! =)

lagal[og] said...

mga kaibigan, 40,000 views po ito. i've got like 2,800 plus images in my flickr in 3 years of shooting. thanks for the greeting!

Anonymous said...


just stumbled here..

nice shots! :-)

Anonymous said...

you derserve it oggie. post more!

lagal[og] said...

thanks iskoo! God bless you too!


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