Friday, July 6, 2007

Climate change: When warming becomes a burning issue

"Gensan tuna production falls 80 per cent".  So reads the headline of a regional story in the inquirer a few days ago. The finger is pointed to global warming which is driving the tuna further away from the shore, away from the reach of the ordinary fisherman. Even Japan, the largest tuna market in the world, equipped with its huge, modern trawlers, is reeling from the declining catch. If this doesn't alarm anyone, I don't know what will. I just feel compelled to write about this because unless we do something, and do it fast, we will suffer from the repercussions not many years down the road, but right around the corner. Already, the rainy season has been moving further and further down the calendar year. Whether it's planting another tree, preserving a mangrove forest, recycling that piece of plastic, we all have to do our share.


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