Friday, August 31, 2007

Back 2 back tripping

Two long weekends. two out of town trips.

It's been quite exhausting, especially the last one -- a photo assignment for Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine -- but I'm not complaining. i've been blessed twice over for two rewarding trips after a lull in July. While our Cotabato trip has been documented in images and words in this blog, I can only post little on our Palawan trip in terms of images since we have to wait until the magazine comes out. Hopefully, I took some captures that will merit publishing.

Anyway, our Palawan assignment is about coping with grey, overcast skies, regular downpours, pesky mosquitoes and gruelling rough road trips. Everyday for 3 days, we would wait patiently for a decent sunrise or sunset, to no avail. Oh well. It was a great experience nevertheless, seeing Kayangan Lake in the mists. Or napping in Calauit while waiting for the rain to abate and the sunset to commence.

Big thank yous go out to Nick Tuason and Nino Carandang of DPP, Jingjing Romero, Seair and Sony-Ericsson.  I promise to myself, I'll go back one summer.


Anonymous said...

Still it's an honor to be chosen be among those known photographers out there in Palawan.

Onga! Rest naman... para me energy ulit sa susunod

Sidney said...

Look forward to see your pictures in the next Digital Photographer Magazine!
Glad you had a great time in Palawan with th mosquitoes! ;-)
You need to earn that postcard perfect image ! ;-)

lagal[og] said...

thanks ferdz and sidney! abangan...


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