Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dream's December

Pardon my attempt at pun on that title (and apologies to Saul Bellow). Am just in a reverie, before I launch into another workday. And with the month of December upon us, it's admittedly harder and harder to find the momentum to work. Not that we're not busy; far from it. I just wrapped up some sideline work last weekend that apparently came to naught, even after toiling over so much info overload and losing precious sleep. Next time, i know better than to just accept sideline job offers without assurance of remuneration. 

Anyway, back to my reverie.I  happened upon this capture from my Camiguin stash and wow, I realized it's been a year since I last went there.T he image describes my current state of mind -- the itch to go out of town is begging to be scratched. To hike, perchance to shoot. to breathe deeply without wreaking havoc on my lungs. I may go to Cebu on a business meeting this week but there's not much chance to roam around and shoot. so i'm looking forward to my next trip, somewhere in the Visayas after Christmas. I'm excited about it since it's been quite a while since i've gone lonely planet-style phototripping. My boat is waiting to sail once again.


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