Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Passing thru: Photoworld Asia 08

I'm not big on gear and stuff but when the photo carnival is being held just steps away from the office, the temptation to even just take a cursory look is too much to pass up. 3 out of the 5-day run of Photoworld Asia at the Glorietta Activity Center, I was there. And each time, iI managed to bring home something. Hmmm... A Tamrac strap here. A Kata toploader there. A Kata backpack here.A  Stofen omnibounce there. (You can say i'm a big kata convert now). It's so nice to see my favorite Hidalgo dealers represented there. Oh, special mention goes to Island Multi. I'm not a big-time customer (far from it) but i always get personalized service from them, not to mention i got a free Manfrotto tripod strap (Ooops, did I just give away a secret?). saw quite a few familiar faces as well as the event drew a lot of hobbyists, pros and enthusiasts eager to test drive the top of the line models, show off their new acquisitions, or simply to save themselves a trip to Quiapo. Gif image culled from the Photoworld Asia 08 website


Anonymous said...

hi! are you biased to nikon? hope not coz i want to get a fair suggestion: which should i rather buy (being a newbie): a canon 400D or a nikon D80?


lagal[og] said...

smarty, it's not really fair to compare the 400d and the d80 :-) the d80 mimics the d200 and is targeted towards the advanced hobbyist yet it has presets so even a newbie can take shots. the carryover features include the more advanced metering system which is more sophisticated than the 400d. (the closest canon competitor to the d80 is the 30d).

on the other hand, the 400d is light and inexpensive aimed at newbies or those moving up from point and shoot or bridge cameras. it has exciting features carried over from the 20 and 30d so it's not a wimp either.

i admit, choosing a camera isn't easy with the bewildering choices and the technology available. if you're familiar with the interface of a nikon or canon, it's safer to go the route you're familiar with.
if you have friends with these two cameras, you can try them out first before you plunk your hard-earned money. there's this interesting school of thought that says you don't really choose your camera, it chooses you :-)) ask yourself, what are your activities? if you're into hiking and mountaineering, you may want a lighter camera (both d80 & 400d fit the bill as they're significantly lighter than their predecessors).

i use a canon 400d in the office so i'm fairly familiar with it though i'm really at home with the nikon interface, having gone thru the d70, d80 and d200 models. i do a lot of hiking, mountaineering stuff so i really need a camera that can withstand my trips. the d200 is weather-sealed so even though it's heavier, it's more suited to my pursuits.
the d80 is less weather sealed but significantly more robust than the 400d, imho. i just feel it's too light for my grip. but otherwise, it's a very good camera for the price.

good luck with your camera shopping!

Anonymous said...

wow, nice new blog look oggie!

photoworld is not that exciting. its mostly a gearheads' venue. sana meron din yung beyond photography gear. as for the workshops, medyo pricey :-)

lagal[og] said...

bai! thanks for dropping by. i figured it was about time for a fresh change. i agree with you regarding the photoworld -- the seminars are pricey. sarap sana mag-seminar but then again, sumabay din sa workweek.


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