Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Passing thru: Photoworld Asia 08

I'm not big on gear and stuff but when the photo carnival is being held just steps away from the office, the temptation to even just take a cursory look is too much to pass up. 3 out of the 5-day run of Photoworld Asia at the Glorietta Activity Center, I was there. And each time, iI managed to bring home something. Hmmm... A Tamrac strap here. A Kata toploader there. A Kata backpack here.A  Stofen omnibounce there. (You can say i'm a big kata convert now). It's so nice to see my favorite Hidalgo dealers represented there. Oh, special mention goes to Island Multi. I'm not a big-time customer (far from it) but i always get personalized service from them, not to mention i got a free Manfrotto tripod strap (Ooops, did I just give away a secret?). saw quite a few familiar faces as well as the event drew a lot of hobbyists, pros and enthusiasts eager to test drive the top of the line models, show off their new acquisitions, or simply to save themselves a trip to Quiapo. Gif image culled from the Photoworld Asia 08 website


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