Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Living by Water sails into The Alcove

The exhibit of my buddy, ironwulf, opened yesterday to a warm reception at The Alcove of the Filipinas Heritage Library. I've attended quite a few exhibit openings but this is my first hands-on experience on helping mount one. You'll never know the amount of preparation that goes behind an exhibition until you ever tried your hand on it. But it's a great learning experience and also a blast because i personally witnessed how ferdz's images came to life from the preparation stage to framing, leading to this exhibition. 

The exhibit is ongoing until the 27th and I highly recommend it to my readers and visitors. For this post, would've loved to feature our group hug during the opening weren't it for a friend's request. In any case, it was nice seeing friends like Ruby (from our MFPI days), Joel & Erick (from DPP), meeting fellow bloggers like Dominic (www.dongism.blogspot.com) who's even nicer in person as well as making new acquaintances like Millie (thanks for the enjoyable chat). 

Congrats bai Ferdz for this milestone! It's another feather on your crowded cap. I pray for your continued success because in all honesty, you deserve it, mi amigo. As I've said in your site, you're not just good technically and artistically, you're a good soul and you really deserve every bit of success coming your way.


escape said...

thanks oggie. nicer pala ako in person. hehehe... i really had a good time meeting you there. salamat ng marami kasi bahagi ka din talaga sa exhibit na ito. honor you for that.

Oman said...

i agree 100%, ferdz really deserve what he is reaping right now. his works (like yours) are marvelous.

lagal[og] said...

naku dom, i was telling ferdz nga it's different pa rin when you meet online acquaintances in person. being nice online is no guarantee one is genuinely nice. happily, you're an exception.

oman, i do believe what you said. yung second part, i'll withhold my comment, hahahaha. idol ko si ferdz kasi :-)

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your help on this one. Naku, ganun pala mag stage ng exhibit. At least pag ikaw naman mas madali na ayusin. hahaha.

Yeah. It's really nice to see the people behind the blogs. In truth 50% lang ata ang nakikita mo on his site and the other 50% is the actual person.

lagal[og] said...

bai, the pleasure is all mine. in all honesty, natutuwa akong makatulong dahil parang kapatid na kita. anyway, if ever i'll have an exhibit, you'll be the first to know. i'll definitely need your help if and when my turn comes.

naku, old school ako kasi kaya i'm really all for real, face-to-face interaction than virtual. i have quite a lot of online acquaintances and for most of them, they remain online acquaintances. i won't be naive in thinking people are what they project to be online kasi it's easy to role play. kaya it's refreshing to meet online acquaintances.

Anonymous said...

Sobra akong nag enjoy sa exhibit na ito. kahit mag isa akong nagpunta sa exhibit... umuwi akong masaya kasi I have met new friends like you, dongho and eric. When will i attend your very own exhibit? I'm looking forward :-)

lagal[og] said...

hi millie, i think the feeling is mutual -- i'm very happy to have met you. i want to be optimistic about my chances for having my own exhibit. it will happen in God's time :-) aasahan ko ang suporta mo when that happens :-D


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