Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pyro Olympics 08 - Seeing red

For the second weekend in a row, precipitation got into our shooting plans. Last week, we opted to just catch "Ironman" in lieu of shooting the Aliwan Festival after a squall soaked the assembly at Quirino.Y esterday, we heeded the advice of Rihanna and faster than you can say "e-e-e-umbrella-e-e-e," ironwulf and I were first to race to the breakwater, armed with our trusty umbrellas to somehow get our share of the pyro booty.T here are two more weekends of pyromania to go, including the "Fellowship of Fire" on the 24th which we intend not to miss. guess, I'll be staying put for the weekends leading to my overseas trip. Not that I'm complaining though. 

Anyway, here's a snippet from Team France's pyro display. starting with dramatic flourish, it climaxed to a beautiful, grandiose finale as distinct from Team Canada's adrenaline-pumping performance from start to finish.

Here's the 2008 sked:
• May 3 - China & Germany
• May 10 - Canada & France
• May 17 - Italy & Venezuela
• May 24 - Fellowship of Fire (all nations including the Philippines as host)


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