Sunday, June 1, 2008

1,000 Thank yous

This entry celebrates my 1,000th post-milestone. Wow, even I am taken by surprise.

Allow me to reminisce: rewind back to January 20, 2004,1.02am during an overtime when i discovered a friend's blog. I was experiencing the heady effects of Tramal (the only painkiller I can safely take) because of a back problem and the frustration of not being able to play badminton (was competitive for around 3 years then). Dunno what moved me to try this relatively newfangled thing called web journalling. Maybe a way to reach out to the world? Find a world outside my realm? Discover friends i may not otherwise find? Maybe, maybe, maybe. Writing for a living, I'm no stranger to writing journals. But to expose them to the world? Hmm, let's see.

FROM BLOGGIE TO TRAVELOG TO LAGAL[OG] - My naivety made me choose the name "bloggie" for this blog's first incarnation. Good thing O don't have any screenshot of it -- it was gaudy. And wordy, since i haven't gotten into photography at that time. After a year, it has become "travel[og]" and armed with a nikon point and shoot, I slowly introduced some pictures.I t wasn't until i got into more serious photography in 2006 when I had an epiphany, deciding to give this blog a sense of purpose: to promote the Philippines. by this time, it has assumed the name, "lagal[og]".

FUTURE LAGALOG - For the future, I hope to stay true to this commitment by showing more of the Philippines and helping promote backpacking in the country.

SPECIAL THANKS - Let me take this opportunity to thank all my friends and readers, old and new, who have been part of this space. allow me to name some of them because they were truly instrumental in showing the way and helping me grow:
Dindin, aka supermom and superfriend, for introducing me to and helping me grow in my photographic journey; her defunct site,, was my earliest inspiration
Ferdz, aka ironwulf, who's like a kid brother to me, for all the support and help through these years
Boyet b, A Philmug orig, thanks for introducing me to blogging
Estan, for helping me get out of a rut that nearly made me shut this blog down last year
Lori a, from Manila to California to Arizona, you've always been a dear friend and supporter

WWW.LAGALOG.COM - I would also like to take this chance to announce the birth of my own domain, which will serve as my online fotofolio. The prototype is now up. I will continue this blog and link it to the new site under the travel[og] subheading.I  owe a lot to Ferdz for making this long overdue project happen. God bless you always, my friend. And God bless y'all and with your support, I look forward to the next 1,000.


pusa said...

wow congratulations on your 1000 post! thanks for sharing us the beauty and wonder of the philipines

lagal[og] said...

salamat kabayan! i'm happy to hear i'm somehow reaching out to an audience out there. dalaw ka uli!

Erick said...

guess what? kagiging ko lang at alam mo napaginipan ko? photo exhibit mo daw. :) kailan kaya? congrats sa iyong milestone. thanks for the inspiration! more posts and pictures to come pa. said...


what makes me come back here everyday is your style of writing. very soul-reaching and the words were nicely put. coupled with very beautiful photographs, honestly i cannot ask for more.

lagal[og] said...

erick, napakagandang panaginip naman yan bro! sana'y magkatotoo nga. kahit ako eh umaasang maging katotohanan yan :-) ipagdasal natin :-D

arlene, salamat, salamat, salamat. and your support provides me the impetus to keep writing and photographing.

God bless you two!

escape said...

congratulations oggie! same with arlene, i hope i can write as good as you do. plus the photographs that deserves a lot of praise.

at sa panaginip ni erick! tingin ko magiging panaginip ko din yon. hehehe... kasi inaabangan ko na rin talaga ang exhibit mo.

i never you that you actually changed your blog name. i like lagal[og]. mas pinoy at mas may dating.

lagal[og] said...

hey dom, salamat nang maraming-marami. kakatuwa naman yung response niyo, nakakaganang kumuha at sumulat muli.

yung exhibit, kung pahihintulutan ni Lord, mangyayari yan :-) ipagdasal natin kung ukol nga.

kakatawa yung blog name changes, 'no? sa suma nga, talagang ginawa kong pinoy ang dating. kaya nga sabi ni ferdz, kunin ko na yung kasi baka makuha pa ng iba.

Lantaw said...

Congrats bai! Its certainly a milestone to celebrate. Tagal mo na palang nagsusulat ng blog :).
Will look forward sa new site mo!

lagal[og] said...

thanks bai. ferdz has been at it far longer, as in neverheard pa yung weblogs. anyway, the new site would be strictly a fotofolio kasi it's tedious for prospects to take a look at thousands of images so i selected a few. simple lang and no frills siya. the prototype is up na sa happy viewing!

Admin said...

Nice Photoblog... Sarap sa mata! Keep it up!

lagal[og] said...

richard, salamat sa pagdalaw bro.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to have been part of this wonderful blog since the bloggie days. and i am happy that you have become an inspiration to photog enthusiasts and to people like me, who long for familiar sights back home. sikat ka na, alam mo ba yun :)

i look forward to the next 1000 posts and more.....


lagal[og] said...

naku lori, i'm teary-eyed as i read your comment. grabe, ang tagal na pala natin magkablog after being apart for years :-) this is one of those times i thank God for the internet. nakakagaan ng loob to hear that i somehow reach out to people out there who long to see their country of birth. i really don't know about the sikat part, hahaha. kung totoo man yun, i wish to use that for promoting more of the philippines :-D

maraming-maraming salamat for your unfailing support. you will always be a dear friend and an extended family member :-) God bless and give my regards to patit and franco. i miss you all.

Anonymous said...

wow, my first time to drop here (thru Dong's link)and there's a celebration. Congratulations for making it this far -- not too many people have the patience to stay in this blogging thing for that long. At, napakahusay niyo rin pong photographer. Sana balang araw, makakuha din po ako ng ganyang mga litrato. Cheers! :)

lagal[og] said...

thanks iva. believe me, even i am amazed by how long i've been doing this thing. last year, i probably suffered from fatigue but with the help of friends, i was able to continue where i left off.

naku, i believe you can learn to take nice photos. sipag at tiyaga lang talaga. i've been lucky rin to work with some of the pros as well as shoot with friends who are very good at what they do. i'm glad i'm able to inspire you to take your photography to the next level :-) God bless!

Anonymous said...

congrats pre. and am also thankful that i made a difference :-)

Its good to see you succeed and hope to meet you in person one day.

lagal[og] said...

daghan salamat bai. i'm giving credit where credit is due and indeed, your comment made a big difference and counted much when i needed it most.

i look forward to meeting a kindred spirit like you one of these days :-D

Oman said...

congratulations oggie. i really look forward to the next one thousand and beyond. keep it up.

lagal[og] said...

oman, salamat nang maraming-marami. i sure hope i can make it to the next 1,000 and beyond. with your support, i'm optimistic i can :-) thanks for dropping by again and again :-D


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