Friday, June 20, 2008

Ta Van and beyond

Here's something for you dear readers to look at while i go somewhere to fulfill an obligation this weekend. i promise to write my complete Halong-Sapa-Hanoi post next week. have a good weekend everyone!


escape said...

wow! parang mas ok yung rice terraces dito kaysa yung sa atin. nice timing din na green na green pa ang palay.

pwedeng pwede din to sa outdoor photographer.

Lantaw said...

parang nasa pinas lang yung view na to a. the only difference is marami pa ring puno yung bundok nila. sa atin kalbo na :(

Oman said...

looks very similar nga sa rice terraces natin sa ifugao. although mas wider at mas matataas lang yung satin .

Travis said...

That land is so amazing. The colors of green so intense. Great shot. Sorry I have been gone the last few weeks. Check out my latest post to see where I have been.

Anonymous said...

Awaiting your chronicles on the north of both Vietnam and Philippines :D

lagal[og] said...

bai allan, sinabi mo pa.

oman, mataas din yung terraces nila and from our vantage point, very extensive. will have to research on the matter though. thanks for dropping by.

hi travis. i've been around much as well so i'm only replying now. thanks for dropping by and will visit your site tonight.

bro wulf, i'm awaiting your chronicles as well. i have tons of image backlogs :-) so it might take a while. see you tom or fri buddy


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