Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vietnam • Halong ghostly ships

On rainy days like the past few days, i vividly remember our Vietnam trip when it rained everyday. Our trip to Halong Bay especially comes to mind. Enveloped by a squall, the junks plying Halong Bay appear ghostly, like ships emerging from a mist or fog bank. On the road from Hanoi aboard a van, the sky already looked ominous, hinting at rain. True to form, it rained midway our trip to Halong port and again while our Aloha junk launched from the port. the somber mood of the inclement weather was just too good to pass up as we snapped up captures for posterity. After all, one doesn't need sunny or fair weather to come up with interesting images. Thanks to my buddy, ironwulf, for encouraging me to peruse my Vietnam archives with fresh eyes. Will be posting more from my Vietnam and Batanes trip until probably the next out of towner, a few weeks from now.


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