Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Caffeine high

I'm supposed to be taking a sabbatical but I couldn't resist helping out in spreading the good word. A friend of mine gave me the contact details of Cordillera Coffee and I thought that as my recent posts are about our trip to the northern highlands, it would be a good idea to promote products that can help our brothers in the cordilleras make an extra living for the Christmas season.

Lest this post be mistaken for a paid ad, I'd like to state outright that it is not; it's just a way to help promote the products of the Cordillera people as the coffee company works directly with native farmers from pre- to post-harvest. With the holiday season just around the corner, you, my dear reader, may consider helping out by giving the highland coffee products they offer -- medium/dark roast cordillera Arabica and Civet coffee -- as gifts. I, myself, am a coffee fanatic and while I'm not one to refuse a Venti or Grande from Starbucks, I regularly patronize our local coffee outlets like Bo's and Figaro. Local coffee doesn't just give one a caffeine fix, it lends a helping hand to our local growers. 

Contact details: Cordillera Coffee Company, Unit 104 Llanar bldg., Xavierville Ave. cor. B. Gonzales St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City • Riverbanks Center 84 A. Bonifacio Ave. Barangka, Marikina UG/F SM City, Lower Session Road, Baguio • Manila contact number: 0338040 or email: (image: lifted from the Cordillera Coffee Company handout)


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