Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lagalog says thank you

Considering the many times I've nearly closed down this blog, I feel blessed just to be among the nominees of the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 in the Bloggers  Choice award category.I n all honesty, I harbor no illusion of making it past the shortlist stage but just the same, I want to express my sincere grattitude to all the people who made this nomination possible. With the explosion of blogging and the many blogs out there, I have to admit that I sometimes lament the fact that I don't have the critical mass of core readers to merit more than a passing glance, much less a steady following. 

Thanks to my best buddy, ironwulf, I've already come to terms with that and realized that almost five years of blogging had been rewarding in other areas I've taken for granted. Still, if you want to vote for this blog in the Philippine Blog Awards 2008, please do so by visiting and following the instructions on casting your vote. Voters get a chance to win prizes from the many sponsors lined up this year. thank you and God bless.


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