Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So why another food blog?

The quickest way to a traveler's heart is the stomach.A t least that's what I believe.I  found a kindred spirit in Ironwulf especially on this topic and we knew the time was ripe for a collaborative project on this subject. And so is born. With so many food blogs out there, we wanted to bring in something fresh to the table, so to speak. Allow me to share the first post on this space. 

Ironwulf said: Food is very much part of travel and each destination offer its distinct food fares. As part of our contribution to a growing food community and as a means to share the rich food culture of different places we visited, we thought of creating a separate blog dedicated to food we stumbled upon which we found worth sharing.

We are neither culinary experts nor food gourmands. We are ordinary people who appreciate good food that simply makes our tummies happy. It doesn't matter whether it's from an upscale restaurant or a street vendor as long as it tastes good.
Lagal[og] said: As a Pinoy, food is part and parcel of our travel experience. Apart from the wonderful scenery, the spirit of the place, its unique culture and people are defined and revealed by the food it offers.

As travelers, we feel it's our obligation to share not just the wonderful landscapes but also the foodscapes. Much as we appreciate the beautiful sceneries, we also derive great happiness in stumbling upon good food. What will make us even happier is to share these finds with others so they, too, can explore the foodscape on their own. I think this is what happyfoodies is all about. 

We hope you'll support us in this new endeavor. So please pass the condiments as we bid you happy eating!


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