Thursday, April 30, 2009

Myanmar: Finding some peace and quiet in Ka Bar Aye and Kyautakgyi

ka bar aye templeIn a span of a just a few hours, Aung San has taken me to three pagodas and there are two more upcoming before we call it a day.  One thing I learned quickly from this exercise is to never again visit any pagoda at midday. With the dry and hot weather, you can quickly become tired and dehydrated; besides, the harsh lighting isn't conducive to good photography anyway.ka bar aye detailsWe dropped by Ka Bar Aye Pagoda in Mayangione township after lunch and the shaded walkway was a big relief.  The pagoda is circular so one can go around to visit the different altars built into its core. I notice the flamboyant arches that distinguish the pagoda even from afar. Built in 1952, it was dedicated to the 6th Buddhist Council, living up to its name which means "world peace" in Burmese. (info: pagoda is open from 6am-8pm, entrance fee: $5)kyautawkgyi interiorFor our fifth temple of the day, Aung San took me to Kyautawkgyi along Pyay and Minhama roads in Mingaladon township. This pagoda is known for its Lawka Chanthar Arbayar Laba Muni Buddha impressively carved from a single piece of marble rock. The Buddha was enclosed in glass and under repair so I instead lingered around to observe the locals and rest my weary feet.


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