Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Urban Impressions

metricI haven't gone on any trips since my Myanmar journey last may so i'm contenting myself with finding things to shoot within the city. It can be fascinating to see details i normally gloss over because i pass them by quite often. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder may sound like time-worn and cliche-ish but it really is true.The city holds details and patterns that look beautiful to me. meter by meterTake for instance the electric meters above. It's a wonder to me how on earth any meter reader can look at them on a regular basis when they're about 25 feet above ground. What could be the reason why they're so high? Prevent tampering? Or a reflection of how high electricity rates are, literally? cartimar gardens cactus roseBut Metro Manila is not all wires, metals and wooden posts. In Cartimar, Pasay, I chanced upon the lush greens in their garden supplies wing and see a contrast between the greens and the greys, animate and inanimate, delicate and tough. Both fascinate me and not just because I used to tinker around with wires as well as pots and garden soil (happily, i still do the latter).cartimar cactus rose flowerWith the habagat season upon us, there's more grey skies alternating with sunny weather, in itself, an interesting contrast if not a recipe for getting the sniffles. Oh well, here's to sharing these urban snaps and meanderings.


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