Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diwata ng Lahi sails off on her maiden voyage

Balangay Maiden Voyage amidst the ships in Manila BayAfter days of reluctant sunrises, yesterday turned out to have a beautiful morning. It was a good time to sail, PAGASA noted, and indeed it was for the "Diwata ng Lahi," the balangay recreated by visionary and dreamer, Art Valdez and Bajau shipbuilders from Sibutu. It was supposed to sail off Manila bay weeks ago but the habagat weather didn't allow it. But now, the time has come for the balangay to fulfill its promise.Balangay Maiden Voyage Bajau FacesThe battle cry for this project is the same as that of the everest team - "Kaya ng Pinoy" (the Filipino can do it). And we, in the audience of supporters who gathered to pray and celebrate the maiden voyage believe the journey of retracing the migration of our austronesian ancestors, much like the ascent of Mt. Everest, can be done. It is with hope, optimism and confidence that this sentiment be felt by Pinoys everywhere.Balangay Maiden Voyage Kaya ng Pinoy CapsINFO: the Balangay's Philippine journey will have 10 legs and stop at major ports - leg 1: Manila to Calapan (Sept 1-10) • leg 2: Calapan to Boracay (sept. 12-20) • leg 3: Boracay to Bacolod (Sept 25-oct 5) • leg 4: Boracay to Cebu City/Mactan (Oct 10-26) • leg 5: Mactan to Butuan City (Oct 27-Nov 16) • leg 6: Butuan to Ozamis (Nov 20-30) • leg 7: Ozamis to Zamboanga City (Dec 2-13) • leg 8: Zamboanga City to Cotabato City (Jan 7-20) • leg 9: Cotabato City to Davao City (Jan 2-Feb 8) • leg 10: Zamboanga City to Siluag (Feb 14-26 • for its phase II journey from March to July 2010, the Diwata ng Lahi will go to Sabah, Brunei, Kalimantan, Singapore, peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan.


Oman said...

good luck to the voyagers. and as the writing on the back amply puts it... "kaya pinoy".

lagal[og] said...

oman, makakarating bro. will be interviewing some of the team members for a possible article.

Sidney said...

Wow... that is quite a journey... only for fearless travelers/sailors I suppose !

escape said...

kaabang abang ang mga interviews! salamat sa update bai. nakaalis na rin pala.

lagal[og] said...

Sidney, I guess they weren't part of the Philippine Everest Team for nothing :D

Dom, I sure wish I'd be granted the opportunity to do the article. Yes, the good window of weather allowed them to finally go on their voyage. Will give updates from time to time for the benefit of other readers.


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