Monday, October 5, 2009

Featured: Mabuhay Magazine October 2009

mabuhay camiguin featureTaking the off-the-beaten path. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, there are other sites in the island worth hiking and traveling to. Mantigue, a small island just off the coast of Benoni, is also a beach haven. The island geography is mostly made up of a wide and long stretch of white sand, while the inland forest is home to a number of bird species.

The less-explored Tuasan Falls can be found southwest of the island, in Barangay Mainit. The locals are adamant in having the rough trail converted into a road, preferring that the falls remain in its natural state. An hour's hike is required to get to the falls but is well worth it. While not as high as Katibawasan, Tuasan has more pool layers, rocks, and dramatic cascades. It is best to visit here in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the hot mid-day hike. Guides are recommended. 

Tasting the local flavors. Exploring Camiguin may fill the eyes with wonder but the island can also fill your tummy with its sumptuous offerings. The Tanguines Lagoon, a causeway that connects the J&A Fishpen/Travel Lodge (tel. !6388 387 4008), a lodge-cum-floating restaurant to the sea, offers tasty seafood and other Filipino dishes along with refreshing views of the lagoon and the sea.

For those looking for comfort food, head to the Rooftop Restaurant (; tel. +6388 387 0511 to 13), located at the busy thoroughfare of Mambajao proper. A spanking new restaurant, hotel, and bar, it serves very good pizza and pasta. A bakeshop downstairs caters to sweet tooths. 

Getting there. Ferries leaving for Camiguin Island's Benoni Port start departing from Balingoan Port at 6am with hour trips until 5pm. Travel time is about an hour. Regular fare is Php135 while fare for the air-conditioned section is around Php165. There is also a fast craft plying the Cagayan de Oro-Camiguin route. The fast craft leaves CDO port at 8.30am and arrives in Benoni Port at 10.30am. It leaves Benoni Port at 11.30am and arrives in CDO at 1.30pm.   

(Attribution: feature article by Ferdz Decena, layout by Mabuhay Magazine, photography by Oggie Ramos)


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