Tuesday, November 24, 2009

World Pyro Olympics 2009: Year's biggest fireworks show rescheduled to January 2010

Last Saturday, I came ahead of the expected throng of people who would flock to The Fort open grounds to witness the opening of the World Pyro Olympics 2009. I even brought along some paperwork so I can write and wi-fi at Krispy Kreme while waiting for my shooting buddies.  We scouted for other possible vantage points early enough.

But the weather had other plans. At 7pm, the drizzle became heavy rain and we retreated to the shade of Market! Market!  We decided to eat dinner when the rain took a break and Team Germany's performance commenced. Ah, we had to let it go and focus instead at the next one.  Then, it rained hard again so we were surprised that the organizers pushed through with the Team China's performance. It was hard to appreciate the performance as it was raining, and there was so much smoke in the air. I brought home zero decent pictures.

So it came as no suprise when the organizers announced the rescheduling of the Pyro Olympics to January 2010.  They said that rains and flooding have made the firing area unfit for pyro launches as per international standards. Tickets purchased will be honored on the new dates to be announced soon. I think this is a good decision. Hopefully, January would be relatively rain-free.(XCUACW2QNKBJ)


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