Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gohotels: Rear Window Views

Apologies to Alfred but I'm borrowing the title of one of my all-time favorite Hitchcock movies for this post -- a mini-gallery of images taken from the window of the room assigned to me during the launch event of Gohotels along Pioneer-EDSA in Mandaluyong. At first, I thought I should ask if I can be reassigned to a room with a view of busy EDSA (the better to observe the sunset and the clutter of billboards that illuminate the night sky plus the busy Saturday dash of automobiles) but on second thought, I just know that in the right light, the scene seldom seen by commuters and main road drivers, can be more dramatic.  Allow me this bit of indulgence as I present these images.  As the expression goes, the pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll let the images speak for a change.
Can on a Hot Tin Roof  
(I was wishing for a cat to cross the roof but to no avail. In any case, shooting through a window streaked by dirt can cause some haze but what the hey, I just have to shoot this for posterity)

River of dreams
(Residents cross to the other street not on foot but by banca.  In the stillness of the early morning, the water seems to be in a state of slumber with a glass-like quality, disturbed only occasionally by the bancas)
Tree of Tenacity
(A rather poignant image, at least to me, because it shows how much trees cling for survival in a sea of concrete and metal)

From shantytown to swanky town
(Here's sociology at the street level from the low-rise development of Guadalupe to the high-rise structures of Bonifacio Global City)


Andrea said...

Hello Oggie, i wonder why i'm the first one here! Ang galing talaga, it takes only the creativity of an Oggie to see the beauty of that roof and translate it for us. I might not be able to do that if i were there, maybe nobody will. I 'oggled' at it so long and then smile....aba meron pa palang isang makakakuha nyan! Sino? e di si Ferdz!

I also love the rest of the photos esp how it was 'beautified', camouflaging the otherwise dirty water of the Pasig. About those tenacious trees, i saw emerging ones at the crevices of the flyovers, which if not removed now will slowly destroy the concrete. Sabihin kaya natin sa MMDA!!!

Lagalog Ramos said...

hehehe Thanks Nids :D
yung emerging trees sa flyovers, delikado naman yan. dapat yata, i-report talaga sa MMDA.

Photo Cache said...

If you look pretty hard, there is always a "view" to your hotel room, isn't it?

I really like your view though. However, what's the other options?

Lagalog Ramos said...

Photo Cache, as I've said in my earlier post, the other view is EDSA :) also nice if you want to shoot long exposure of the traffic though I like the back view more.

SandyCarlson said...

Utterly amazing and beautiful, my friend.

escape said...

so good bai that even the simplest of subjects you can make it so interesting. but the idea of waiting for a cat to pass by shows how one can take photography to a great level. parang sa wild.

Reena said...

i love the first shot!! :) okay narin that there's a barrel on top of the roof para may sense of scale.


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