Sunday, July 25, 2010

Batanes: Postcards from the country's edge

BP Batanes Sabtang Dog by the Blue Door
Dog Day Morning • Sinakan, Sabtang Island
BP Batanes Mahatao Side View Mirror View
What a rear view! • Mahatao, Batan Island
For a change, I chose some favorite images I took in Batanes and let them speak for themselves. A lot of them are recurring themes in my blog, others are simple snaps. An aloof, lonely dog. A breathtaking scenery. A warm smile. An eye-catching silhouette. For one reason or another, I liked them so I'm sharing them with my readers. Souvenirs, nay, postcards from the northern edge of this corner of the world.
BP Batanes Chavayan Singing Kids
Three on top of their world • Chavayan, Sabtang

Batanes Naidi Lighthouse Sunset
Sunset Lighthouse • Naidi Hills, Batan Island

BP Batanes Radar Tukon Window & Solar Panel
Framed! • Radar Tukon, Batan Island

BP Batanes Silip Kid II
Slippers and a Smile • Chavayan, Sabtang

Batanes Itbayat Sta Maria Church Skywards
Red, White and Blue • Mayon Centro, Itbayat Island


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