Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Fernando, La Union: Local Color in Black and White

La Union - Ma-Cho Temple Reflection in Mono
Reflecting at Ma-cho Temple
What really is local color? Is it the gleam of a majestic temple festooned with gold dragons and lotus ponds?
La Union - Pindangan Blessed Virgin and Tree in Mono
Pindangan Ruins Blessed Virgin
Is it the ruins of an old church, now lying in silent reverie under the canopy of centuries-old trees guarded by the image of the Blessed Virgin?
Thunderbird Resort - Dramatic Clouds Over the Blue Dome in Mono
Iconic Thunderbird Dome under a grey sky
Is it the architecture that gleams white under the foreboding clouds which are either threatening to unleash torrential rain or waiting to wash the white clean?
Thunderbird Resort - Lone Tree in Mono
Solitary tree on the greens
Or is it the lonely sentinel of a tree watching over the sea while reaching out to the heavens for some company?


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