Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Enchanted thoughts over the holidays

EK Stuffed Toy Frogs
Something to croak about -- colorful frogs and balloons at EK
It's been quite a while since I've last stepped into Enchanted Kingdom and getting an invite near the Christmas holiday is a good time to revisit the land of Eldar.  I wasn't really keen on the rides but then again, it's a nice opportunity to see what's new, to goof off and be a kid again.

After wading through southbound traffic (understandable during this time of the year), we saw the tall ferris wheel raising above the Sta. Rosa sprawl.  Hmmm, the BikiWorld water attraction, a considerably new addition to the theme park, wasn't in operation.  I wasn't in the mood to take a splash but it would've been nice to see what the hype was about.  We arrived towards noon so with the afternoon heat bearing on us, it would've been nice to find a hammock and doze the hot hours away.  
EK Ekstreme Ride
EKstreme makes it easy for anyone to fall, literally
To the extreme.  But it would be a waste of our free ticket to what Charlotte, EK's Communications Director, claims to be one extreme ride.  So after hot choco, donuts and fries, off we went to try the newest ride, EKstreme.  It's something like an I-left-my-spirit-100-feet-high-up-there-so-what-is-my-body-doing-on-the-ground kind of ride.  It took 15-20 seconds to hoist us up to a hundred feet and just a few seconds (2? 3?) to bring us back down.  Intriguing ride to say the least.  After that, we tried a few more tamer rides (ferris wheel, anyone?) and shot around the place, oggled the people, and had more fun looking at the reactions of the EKstreme riders as they plummet to the ground.
EK - Smiles Available Here
Visits come with a price but smiles are free-of-charge
EK Arch and Arcs of LightsOh, to be a kid again.  Spending time to be in a theme park can be akin to reclaiming a bit of one's inner child.  I've heard the notion time and time again that "Christmas is just for kids" and we adults are sort of expected to outgrow it.   For the better part of my adult life, I admit I sort of believed in it, especially when the times are hard and I'm short on material stuff.   Oh, it's hard to be cheery and all when you're surrounded by all the commercialism. 

But I intend to make amends even as all those commercials seem to be erasing Christ from Christmas.  If Christmas is indeed for kids, I think it's for the kid in all of us.  Merry Christmas to all of my readers and may the good Lord continue to make us see our inner child so we can reclaim our innocence again.  And lest I forget, happy birthday to the one whose name bears the reason for the season, our Lord Jesus Christ.

EK - Eldars in a Merry RowLagal[og] thanks Charlotte Catapang of Enchanted Kingdom for the invite. •  To welcome the new year, EK welcomes back Charice Pempengco to Laguna with a show on January 9, 2011.  For details, please visit   


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