Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland: Details of Disney, Disney of Details

HK Disneyland - Wulferdz in the Maze
Amazing Maze facing the bay
In oft-photographed Disneyland, there's much to be gleaned from the details.  Instead of looking at the big picture which can be overwhelming at times, it's interesting to see the itty-bitty pieces.

HK Disneyland - Elephants Detail
Acrobatic elephants
Who says elephants can't contort themselves and be acrobats. Certainly not the folks over at Disney.
HK Disneyland - Towel Art
Towel creatures

Who knows what furry creatures lurk in the bathroom? Found these in the T&B and until we left, we just looked at them instead of putting them to use.
HK Disneyland - Hotel T&B Mirror Detail I
One Happy mirror?

 Could this mirror be magical? Hmmm, I see Happy in one corner, Dopey in the other, plus two others I couldn't recall.
HK Disneyland - Seatbelt Signage
Seatbelt sign

Wear your seatbelt. Otherwise, you could be breakdancing off your seat, so says this sign on the Pooh attraction. You've been warned.
HK Disneyland - Stroller Parking
Stroller Parking

 What kind of parking ticket could you get if you overstay in this stroller parking space? Hmmm, a free ride to a Cosmic attraction would be nice.
HK Disneyland - Mickey Silhouette on the Train Floor
The shadow follows you everywhere you go.
On our final day, we decided to go back to Mong Kok to do some more window-shopping for electronics.  Getting on the train to Lai King for the connecting train to Mong Kok aboard the special Disney train yields interesting shadows.


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