Monday, March 7, 2011

Surakarta: Epilogue - Seeing doors

Indonesia - Solo Kraton Just Passing By the Blue Door
Just passing by the blue door
Wide open.  Tightly shut.
Almost new.  Close to dilapidated.
Bright and bold.  Faded and fading.
Painted.  Bare.
Ornate and detailed.  Simple and unassuming.

Indonesia - Solo Kraton Mother & Child
Solo mother & child
Indonesia - Solo Yellow Bike Green Walls
Bike parking
Indonesia - Solo Kraton Behind the Blue Doorway
Yard revealed
Indonesia - Solo Cakra Red & Brown Door
Cakra striking door

Sometimes, a door isn't just a door. 
Rather, it's a passageway to another life.
A portal to another world.
An entrance for those coming .  An exit for those going.
An opening for those seeing opportunities.  Closure for one seeing seeking enclosure.
Indonesia - Solo Agnes and the Pink Door
Agnes by the pink door
Indonesia - Solo Andrea in this Lifetime
Nids by the brown door
Indonesia - Solo Lola in the Doorway
Lola by the wooden door

Indonesia - Solo Woman by the Pink Door
Woman by the fuschia door
The Kraton in Pungkunegoro in Surakarta allowed us to indulge in this fascination with doors.  It's not everyday that you can find so much variety in one place.  As I close my series of posts on Central Java, I open my mind to the possibilities of revisiting one day.


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