Friday, May 6, 2011

Claveria, Cagayan: Witnessing the changing of the weather at Sentinela

Claveria - Cloudy Wavy Sentinela
Cloudy, wavy Sentinela
It was sunny when we left for a quick trip back to the Taggat Lagoon in the morning.  By the time we had lunch in Centro 1 and headed for Camalaggoan, further northwest of the poblacion, the sun was still its usual fiery self.  We rode again with Mang Pedro (who by now is getting accustomed to the quirks of wandering photographers) in seeing the wayward child, Ubing-Ubing, the rock formation at the corner of the Sentinela Cove that represents the progeny of Apo Lakay-Lakay (father/old man) and Baket-Baket (mother/old woman) in Taggat.

Claveria - Wulf Overlooking Sentinela at Bantay Kalbo II
Ironwulf Ferdz shoots the cove from Bantay Kalbo
Going up the Bantay Kalbo cliff for a bird's eye view of the cove, the wind steadily picked up speed and grey clouds held the sun hostage in a hurry.  Still, the sight of this pocket of white sand cove in an area dominated by black sand beaches was beautiful to behold.  That we have the whole place almost all to ourselves was a surprise, in a good kind of way.  The view was worth the hassle of hiking up with a broken Merrel sandal.
Claveria - Erick Shooting the Waves in Sentinela
Erick, the Roadworthy Man, braves the slippery rocks and crashing waves
Descending to explore the beach, the tide has risen and covered most of the rocks.  The waves slapped the exposed corrals with increasing force and frequency which is probably why the family we espied hours ago swimming and playing at the cove decided to pack up their tents and call it a day.  In the fading grey light of day, the beach remained pretty in its desolation.  While waiting for the sun to set (it hid behind a bank of clouds), it was a fine time to listen to the symphony played by the wind and the sea, and momentarily cast all my worries and thoughts to the waves.

Info: Sentinela Cove can be found in Brgy. Camalaggoan, northwest of the Centro 1 poblacion of Claveria, Cagayan • Accessible by private and rented vehicles • Travel time:  approximately 35-40 minutes from Centro 1 • IMHO, ideal for camping, swimming (in the cove), shooting the breeze and introspecting


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