Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sagada: Finding canine company at Rock Inn

Sagada - Rock Inn Bart II
Perky Bart
It was Hamlin who met us.  Broad-shouldered, big-boned, strappy, he cuts an imposing profile.  But to my surprise, he was a very amiable fella.  Then, it became a succession of welcoming individuals.  There's sexy Sally, puffy Fluffy, perky Bart, and frisky Kapitan.  Maybe, it's out of friendly curiosity.  But more likely, it's the force of habit.  We didn't get to meet the other big fella, Butch, until the next day.  But this is one heck of a fine welcome.

Sagada - Rock Inn Hamlin
Handsome Hamlin
Welcome to Rock Inn.  It's two kilometers away from the town center of Sagada and there's so much to talk about and appreciate here.  The location is ideal if peace and quiet are what you're after (Think of quiet days when the only sound you'll hear are the merry chit-chats of workers tending to the orange trees or the occasional, distant rumble of vehicles passing by the main road).  The accommodations are very cozy, to say the least, most with a view of the orchard of Sagada orange trees.  The view of the dining area alone is refreshing, a floor-to-ceiling window that pulls in the breathtaking vista outside.   Not to forget, the staff is friendly and accommodating without being over-eager.
Sagada - Rock Inn Sally
Sexy Sally
Still, I best remember Rock Inn for the canine company it keeps.  I distinctly remember being driven to the town center by Wanda, one of the owners, with two of the big dogs -- Butch and Kapitan --  keeping pace with us until we reached a quarry site further down the main road.  No mean feat for 8- and 9-year olds, I'd say.  I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I think places that openly display affection for pets, specially dogs, are often great places to stay in.  On the way back to Baguio, our bus passed by the quarry again.  We waved to Kapitan who's perched on a smooth rock.  I don't know if he saw or recognized us but it was reassuring to see him there, blissfully watching the world go by.
Sagada - Rock Inn Thinking Butch
Pensive Butch
Info: Rock Inn is located within Rock Farm, a four hectare plantation of Sagada oranges in the fringes of Sagada.  For more info, click this link, email info@rockfarmsagada.com or text/call 0920.9095899 or 0928.2131149


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