Friday, May 18, 2012

Backpacking Street Photography

With the advancement of the camera going digital, together with the global use of the internet, it is hard not to see someone travelling without a camera these days. More often we are starting to see people steer away from those compact pocket cameras to more advanced gadgets with extreme lenses and settings. Also with the popularity of fashion blogs and social networking sites, the way we document our holidays are changing too. Awkwardly posed photos holding the ‘peace sign’ in front of a famous landmark is slowly disappearing. Tourists are inventing more with the way they point and shoot. What settings they use, what angle, to put it simply, we are starting to experiment more. 

Funnily enough, it is the camera which is making us change the way we look at travel as well. As we experiment more with our major holiday documentation apparatus, we begin to try out different ways of seeing the world. Whether it be taking into consideration seemingly random objects such as park benches or rubbish bins, or being more aware of textures and patterns. We start changing the perspective of how we look at a holiday destination. This can in fact be a good thing because as we begin to be more critical. 

Instead of taking the usual routes, we want to try something different because after all, that is essentially what travelling is about; new experiences, change and discovery. Of course we can all do that these days with TV and the advancement of the internet but seeing it yourself is something entirely different and better. 
Searching for online sites that list private apartments for short-term visitors is a great way to improve on your street photography skills. It is all about getting into the head of a local and having the opportunity to live with one makes the process easier. If you happen to be in a city for limited time, understanding the people and landscape at a local level can be tough. But with the option to stay in an apartment means you have the option to stay in an exciting area away from the typical tourist districts, take photos of locals in their private abode and take holiday which is truly unique. Travelling like a local is just one of the tips towards improving your street photography skills and has something meaningful behind your images. 
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