Monday, September 10, 2012

Small Worlds: Details of the Weird and Wonderful Succulents

Manila Seedling - Succulent 2
White and dreamy
We were supposed to spend overnight in a bird sanctuary somewhere north but the monsoon season and the unpredictable weather can change the most well-planned trips (not that our was one but that's another story).  With the earth changes over the past couple of years, it doesn't take a typhoon signal to reconsider plans as the recent monsoon-induced heavy flooding prove.  So a trip to a nearby place is in order, perchance to wander even for an hour or two, perchance to exercise my shooting skills which would otherwise be rusty should fate smile and I land another shooting assignment.
Manila Seedling - Succulent 14
Vertical Eye-catcher
So off to Quezon Circle I go on a Sunday afternoon.  The topic for the seminar was another draw -- creating dish and bottle gardens.  I digress; besides an affinity for dogs, I have to admit I have always had a green thumb so this renewed liking for gardening is not a strange phenomenon caused by planetary alignment.  In another existence, I would've perhaps be a farmer but what the hey, it's still an achievable dream.  Anyway, arriving late due to the heavy EDSA traffic (two lanes were closed both north and south-bound, would you believe), I got sidetracked by the only stall selling succulents.  Even when I was young, I was already fascinated by these sappy plants but never got to had them save for the familiar aloe vera.  The reason:  old wives tale that says the thorny plants are not good for business.  Hmmm, contrast that to the Chinese belief that these bring good luck.
Manila Seedling - Succulent 1
Green, Red and White
I got really enamored as evidenced by the images I took that I almost totally forgot about the seminar.  From afar, the often thorny plants seem to put off some people but seen close-up, they are marvelous works of art, living canvasses of our Creator who didn't spare even the very minute details.  It was also fun talking to other plant lovers who were not shy to ask questions either on photography or plant care.  I came home with, you guess it, not a few kinds of succulents to add to my so-called mini-garden.  I still have to get used to handling them properly as I got pricked not a few times already but I'm willing to learn.  Assignment to self: identify the plants I shot so I can label them properly.
Manila Seedling - Succulent 17
Prickly beauty
Manila Seedling - Succulent 5Info:  The Philippine Orchid Society Orchid Show runs only until Sept. 10, Monday at the Quezon Memorial Circle; 8am to 7pm.  • Entrance fee:  P30 for adults, P20 for children and senior citizens (please bring your ID).   For more info, call/text 0917.848-5468, visit, or email

For more of my images of succulents and orchids taken during the Orchid Show, please click here.


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