Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bohol: A Photographic Tribute in Memory of its Beautiful Heritage Churches

loboc skywards
Beautiful Loboc church, now in heaps of rubble
My only visit to Bohol was six years ago, during the summer of 2007.  I was still relatively new to photography then and knowing that some of the country's most beautiful churches can be found there, I sought them during a five day trip.  After hearing of the widespread devastation brought by a 7.2 temblor last Tuesday, I felt a tinge of regret for not revisiting all these years.

I've photographed several of the churches that I can only see in the news now as heaps of ruins.  Though I belong to another denomination now, I have deep admiration for these places of worship, their history, their heritage, and their importance to the Boholanos and the Filipinos in general.

For a rundown of the status of some of the churches, please follow this link to cultural advocate and writer, Edeliza Macalandag's piece for

loboc hall
Loboc Church hall
As a tribute, I am re-publishing some images from my 2007 visit. I am also praying for our kababayans. It's truly heartbreaking to know that some of these were scheduled for restoration but are now gone.  However, there's comfort in knowing that while the physical churches are not there anymore, the real church resides in each and one of us believers. 

Important copyright note: I've taken these images and archived them six years ago before I started using watermarks to identify my pictures.  I enjoin the reader to please respect my copyrights.
loboc dome 2
Loboc Church beautiful dome

loboc side altar
Loboc church's elaborate side altar
loboc flood markers
Loboc flood markers. What the floods didn't destroy, a 7.2 earthquake took away
loboc belfry
Even the Loboc church belfry didn't survive the Oct. 15 earthquake
dauis exterior
Dauis Church - east and west facade collapsed according to Rappler report
dauis nave
Dauis nave
loay exterior
Loay church facade - the face didn't survive, the belfry damaged
loay hall
Loay church hall
loay ceiling
Loay church ceiling detail
baclayon altar
Altar of Baclayon church, the facade and campanile of which have crumbled
loon church exterior
Loon church completely crumbled to the ground


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