Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Budget Travel: Must You Keep Paying Full Price for the Full Travel Experience?

Map illustration © 2015 Oggie Ramos
Let's be honest.  Traveling can be expensive.  Going on assignments can be an experience in spoiling yourself silly - who cares how much that plane ticket or hotel room costs when it's on the client's tab, right?  That said, paying for your own travel has its merits and demerits.  You have to shell out from your own pocket but then again, you get to follow your whims, not a preset itinerary.  There's the freedom of exchanging a missed sunrise shoot for a precious hour or two in a warm bed.

Long before the travel boom, you have to be diligent in looking out for bargains, whether it be transportation fares or accommodation fees.  If you can't (or wouldn't want to) afford a travel agent or agency, you have to regularly devote hours scour the internet for information, read through travel guide books or lurk in forums to be able to stretch your travel money, though I may be an anomaly as I consider all of that as part of the fun.   I don't want to box myself into any particular category of traveler as I admittedly straddle the limitations of labels such as budget or luxury traveler depending on my means.  In this age of budget airlines though, paying full price has gone the way of beepers, PDAs and dinosaurs -- history.

Today's generation of travelers are lucky.  Not only is there a surfeit of travel promos from the airline companies, there are also aggregator sites that do the the monitoring of great fare deals or accommodation discount promotions.   Comes in really handy when you have a lot of things on your plate to mind, I should say.  That's when a site like MyVoucherCodes can be be helpful when you're doing your travel planning.  It is regularly updated and comprehensively posts deals that you would otherwise may not stumble upon.  I particularly like the fact that it carries Agoda voucher codes, as accommodations often comprise the bulk of travel budgets.

Who says you have to pay full price to get the full experience of travel?  With a travel tool like MyVoucherCodes, you can travel more, save more.


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