Friday, February 26, 2016

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop: Unbreak(c)able for Your iPhone &iPad

It maybe named chicken but it certainly is no chicken when it comes to toughness
Apple connector cables especially those used for charging devices are incredibly notorious for their fragility.  Ask any Apple user and most likely, they've replaced their cables once or twice during the lifespan of their iPhone or iPad.  No matter how careful you keep and care for your cables (I've used everything from Niteize Gear Ties to Belkin cable organizers), you're most likely to buy a new one.  Hang around a lcoal Mac reseller and most likely, you're bound to hear a complaint about frayed cables.  For a premium product, it makes me wonder why Apple keeps making such fragile cables (most likely to spur repeat purchases to our collective grumbling).  You can take a chance and buy cheaper third party cables but you run the risk of getting one that's incompatible with your device.

Good thing I attended the launch of Fuse Chicken Apple peripherals very recently.  I'm not the newfangledstuff kind of guy so I was on the lookout for more practical, value for money products.  This range most especially the Titan Loop we got to take home and test caught my fancy.  

FORM FACTOR:  The form and construction reminded me of gooseneck lamps which can be manipulated to freely take any shape or form.  Very retro and industrial-looking. It can do double duty (keychain, holder, et al) and no doubt, will travel well.  I don't baby my travel stuff so this one suits me.

CLAIM: I'd be glad to put their claim of "toughest keychain cable on earth" to the test in upcoming trips.  The steel and construction seem to be solid and can can take a pounding.  I like that it can be looped to form a rather oversized keychain.  Considering that I always carry a flash drive and other EDC stuff on my NiteIze Locker, it wouldn't look out of place in my pocket. 

Lagalog Fuse Chicken Titan Loop Review Infographic
MINOR QUIBBLE/S: While I don't doubt that the steel cable can withstand much of anything you can throw at it including being gnawed by the dog or run over by a car, I wish the Lightning connector and USB ends have some sort of cover that will protect them from shock as well as keep dust away from the terminals. Minor quibble though. Just for the heck of it, I may just use it on a trip as some sort of carabiner/S-biner connector/hook to my backpack's Molle straps. 

CONNECT-ABILITY: This is an Apple-approved cable so no "cable can't connect" surprises. Connected outright to my iPhone 5s. COMPATIBILITY: iPhone 5 and 6 series; iPads using Lightning connector
Minimalist, no-frills shrink-wrap packaging

SIZE: Extended, the Titan Loop measures 25 cm/9 inches.  If you want a longer cable, get the Titan version (1 meter/39 inches; SRP P1950)
PRICING: At first, the P1690 price tag sounds expensive.  But considering that this may outlast your phone (and possibly the next iteration of your device) and the fact that Apple peripherals are downright more expensive vis-a-vis their Android counterparts, it's not so bad after all.

AVAILABILITY:  Digital Walker, Beyond the Box branches • Distributed by Digits Trading • For more info: visit

Disclaimer:  Product was provided to author; however, this mini-review reflects the author's unbiased, honest opinion.


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