Monday, April 25, 2016

Thyme After Thyme: Straightforward Info on Planting and Caring for Herbs

The temperature's hovering somewhere around 30-31 degrees on the night I'm writing this post.  Yeah, summer's here alright and probably, the only things that really relish the heat are my ledge/balcony plants.  I've sown some lettuces some weeks back but because of the heat and some soil problems, they bolted early and dried up.  Doesn't mean I won't try again.  I'm also trying to get started on a herb garden anew even with my location's limitations on available sunlight (trying is the word).  

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There's a trove of growing information on the internet for would-be hobbyists and gardeners but my main observation is, they're all over the place.  A lot are just copy-and-paste versions of the more substantial sites.  A lot of sites also try to rehash the same info, attempting to hide them with a lot of fluff (time wasters as far as I'm concerned) that I think deserve to go into the composting pile.

One time I got fed up with reading a lot of prose that I read through the info and sifted the pertinent data, came up with my own illustrations (yes, I do draw in my spare time), and compiled the information in an easier to read compendium I entitled "Thyme After Thyme".  Hopefully, this free resource helps other people get into the planting habit.  

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I've always loved gardening and plants though of late, I'm evolving into an edible greens type.  The lack of planting space haven't deterred me one bit nor the relative short window of direct sunlight in my location.  I just have to keep learning what I can realistically grow (I wouldn't stop trying though to find out for myself instead of relying on what I just read on the net or watch on YouTube).

I got restarted into the green habit living in an apartment building where my window opens to more concrete and steel. Having greenery around me is my way to keep sane and connected to the earth, nevermind if some of my neighbors would find it weird to see a grimy, shirtless guy out on the ledge every now and then, snipping, watering, sowing, composting.   

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It's only of late that I've picked up new composting ideas and let me say it's empowering to be able to put some wastes to better use -- like coffee grounds from the coffee press, egg shells from that breakfast omelet, banana and apple peels.  I mean these seem minuscule but at least I'm actively doing something about contributing less to the landfills.

This is also sort of my own version of modern-day prepping.  Some people would want to stock up on food or MREs, I would rather learn how to grow some of my own food.  
Some disclaimers on this endeavor:  not because this is a free resource means users should just go ahead and use this under their own names.  Sorry but I had quite a lot of experiences where my photo/artwork has been used without permission, without credit, or worse, passed as someone else's work.  
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Also, this is a labor of love for me as well.  While I may have sifted through a lot of sources to arrive at the facts, I also input my own experience into this body of work.

Anyway, I hope this free resource helps inspire others to greener, growing things.  Gotta go, got some composting to do.

Attributions:   Lush font by Carolina Meijia • All text and illustrations © 2016 Oggie Ramos of • All rights reserved

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