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VCO Matters: Why I take VCO daily and why I never leave home without it

It's perhaps providential that ProSource sent me a package of VCO products recently as I actually use their products.  I started oil pulling (an Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil first thing in the morning to pull toxins out of the mouth) 4-5 years ago on the advice of a friend.  Last year, I switched to ProSource VCO (virgin coconut oil) for two reasons: the more reasonable price, and because it's bundled with their Calming Oil, a lavender and eucalyptus blend using VCO as carrier oil.  Truth is, I hoarded their VCO bundles to get my hands on as many Calming Oil bottles as I can since I always keep one in my belt bag, another at home, and another in my backpack.

CALMING OIL.  The ProSource Calming Oil, which comes in a small roll-on glass bottle, is very handy specially during long bus trips up north when I easily spend the better part of a day on the road.  I don't usually suffer from motion sickness as I have a high tolerance for constant movement although sometimes, lack of sleep, hunger pangs or conversely overeating, among other factors, contribute to being queasy on the road.  I try to stay away from Bonamine/medications as I already take some for my sciatica so going the topical oil route is the way to go for me.  

I also use the Calming Oil to well, calm my head, especially after a long workday.  Lavender has a way of putting me on a more relaxed mode, and that really helps.   During out-of-towners, the oil does triple duty -- as soothing, all-natural oil for insect bites, deterrent for insects, and pain reliever after long hikes.   I like the roll-on bottle as I can apply the oil without making a mess or applying it with my bare hands.   Well, you can say I never leave home without tucking a bottle in my pocket or pack -- it's that indispensable for me.  I just wonder when ProSource is going to sell the oil in retail.  For the time being, it looks like I'm going to hoard the VCO bundle.

VCO and its many healthful and healing benefits.  I know some people are a bit averse to taking coconut oil by the tablespoon but trust me, you'll get used to it.  The benefits are also too good to miss. I've been researching on healthy fats and discovered that VCO is one of the healthiest there is, loaded with medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and is a rich source of lauric acid.  There's also the benefit of going the natural route as we expose ourselves to a cocktail of chemicals daily -- from the things we use around the house to the stuff we apply on our skin.  Personally, I've experienced severe allergies to quite a lot of them, from petroleum-based creams, harsh soaps, to detergents that induce itches and hives.

 I know there are a hundred, maybe even a thousand uses for VCO but what I'm sharing here are some I've personally tried and found effective:

Oil pulling - Every morning, I swish about a teaspoon of VCO in my mouth for 15-20 minutes then spit it out.  This detoxifies the body through the mouth. 

Cold/viral treatment - I mix 1 part VCO with cloves of crushed garlic; take by the spoonful every 3 hours along with lots of water or fruit juices.

Dye protection - When coloring my hair, I use VCO to protect the skin around my ears, forehead and neck from drips and splats.  A lot better than petroleum jelly.

Moisturizer - After getting severe allergy from petroleum jelly, I have banished chemical-based creams and lotions from the house and replaced them with VCO and VCO-based products.  It may feel a bit greasy at first but the wonderful thing with a natural oil, it gets absorbed quickly.  For dry hair or cracked feet, leave overnight then wash in the morning.

All natural underarm deodorizer - Mix 1 part baking soda and 1 part VCO, put in a spare roll-on bottle for a really effective deodorizer free from aluminum which clogs the pores.

Decongestant - I use VCO as carrier oil for a vapor rub, adding drops of eucalyptus (alternatively, I just use the Calming Oil) and menthol to decongest my stuffy nose during the cold season.

Fat-burning supplement - I take 3-4 tablespoons of VCO everyday (except when I'm in the Cordilleras where the cold weather makes the VCO solid) straight without anything to dilute it.  Dunno, I'm used to the coconut taste.  The medium chain triglycerides in the oil stoke up the thyroid gland and aids in regulating metabolism.  I lost weight and maintained my weight using VCO, of course, coupled with regular weight training.

Coffee creamer - Try adding it to the brewed barako coffee. Adds a creamy taste to it sans any non-dairy creamer (which by the way is made up of corn derivatives, most of which are GMO).

Frying oil - Over the years, I've replaced regular palm oil with VCO for frying.  This is the advantage of VCO over olive oil; the latter does not stand up to high heat and is more ideal for light-frying at best or as salad dressing.

Seasoning for non-stick pans - Even ceramic/stoneware pans need to be seasoned with oil to retain their non-stick qualities.  I use 1-2 tablespoons of VCO in a heated marble/ceramic/stone coated pan every 3-6 months (Tip: throw away your Teflon-coated pan if you're concerned about your health.  The Teflon coating burns and leaches into your food at high heat - not good).

Garlic preserver - I buy cloves of garlic at a time, peel and preserve them in VCO so they can keep longer even without refrigeration.  I put a little of the oil when I make fried rice.

Massage oil - VCO is a great carrier oil for massage mixes; just add some essential oil.

Makeshift toothpaste - If I run out of regular toothpaste, I mix 1 part baking soda with 1 part VCO and apply the mix with toothbrush.  Simple and fluoride-free. 

Wooden furniture polish - Here's a tip I got from Dr. Mercola: I keep my Batibot wooden chairs polished by mixing 1 part VCO with 1 part lemon.  Rub on wood, let dry, then polish.  Also works on leather bags and wallets.

Goo-Gone replacement - Another useful tip I got from Mercola.com is that mixing some baking soda with VCO can replace Goo-Gone in removing label/sticker residue from bottles and glass.  Rub and leave for 15-20 minutes then wipe clean.

• Sunburn treatment - I amended this post to include this as the Well-Being Secrets site reminded me of VCO's healing properties to sun-damaged skin.  I used to resort to Noxcema and shea butter after burning and peeling from too much sun; later, I found out that VCO is far more effective and economical.  I know some people fear that being an oil, it can clog pores.  On the contrary, it has bactericidal and antiviral properties as well as being quickly absorbed by the skin.

One other thing I neglected in the earlier draft of this post -- ever since I embarked on regular supplementation with VCO, my GERD (severe acid reflux) has gone away which is a miracle in itself.   I'm not sure how the oil works when it comes to normalizing acid levels but I suspect it's because VCO has healing properties.

Product information:  ProSource VCO is right now bundled with ProSource Calming Oil, 250ml bottle SRP is P199 (Mercury), P204 (Watsons).  The ProSource VCO Soap with Aloe Vera retails for P85, available at select Mercury Drug branches.  VCO is also available at Watsons, South Star Drug, Robinsons Supermarket, Pioneer Center, Puregold, Landmark, other supermarkets and drugstores.

Here are my additional references and recommended reading materials and sites you will surely find useful:
• Well-being Secrets - 28 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
Dr. Axe - 77 Uses for VCO
Health Impact News - 80 Uses for VCO
Mercola - Countless Coconut Oil Uses

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