Friday, May 25, 2018

Birds in the City: Maria Capra Spotted at the Heart of the Makati Business District

Pied Fantail or Maria Capra bird
I've been nursing a predisposition for spotting wildlife, most especially birds, everywhere I go.  Lately, I've been stuck in the city against my wishes but I would like to think this also presents an opportunity to be more observant and see animals who continue to brave the challenging conditions (pollution, the human hazard) in an urban environment.

Passing by nearby Washington Sycip park at the heart of the Makati business district one afternoon, I know there are quite a few birds that inhabit the array of tall trees there but wasn't expecting to see much save for the usual Eurasian tree sparrows which I see feeding outside my window everyday.  Well, Maia TaƱedo of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines was right in pointing out in an eBon newsletter post that there are other birds that do live or visit Metro Manila.

Got lucky to spot this very stubborn, very territorial, Maria Capra or Pied Fantail (Latin name: Rhipidura javanica) seemingly protecting its turf and feeding along with the sparrows on the grasses near Gamboa street.   I know it's just one bird but it doesn't take many to delight an amateur birder with just an hour or so to wait until sundown.   It's fun and gratifying when people who pass there every working day tell me they never saw one all this time (more like notice seems more like it). Will add to this list as I spot more in the future.
Eurasian Tree Sparrow


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