Monday, April 8, 2019

Flights of Fancy eBook Excerpt: Eastern Grass Owl Spotted in Maligcong

It is by sheer luck and familiarity with the locals that I found this juvenile Eastern Grass Owl in Maligcong. True to what's written about it, the nest is made with tall grasses on the ground level. Not wanting to disturb it too much, I was restricted with the angle lest the baby hiss and complain about my getting too near for its comfort. It's a joy to have found it and realize that the habitat may still be teeming with its staple diet -- field mice, insects and small rodents. A wistful moment, too, as the nest would likely be gone the next time I come back to the site, the location of which we choose to remain secret to preserve the owl. I do hope to somehow find the adult owls next time. | © 2019 Oggie Ramos | Taken with a Nikon B700, Handheld, Manual Mode


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