Friday, May 3, 2019

Flights of Fancy eBook Excerpt: Olive Bellied Flowerpecker Spotted in Maligcong, Bontoc

The Olive Bellied Flowerpecker is part of a noisy group I found feeding along the main road to Sitio Makonig every approaching sunset hour.     And when I say noisy, I don't mean it to sound like I hate the sound.  On the contrary, I dig their joyful chatter; it's wonderful to note that they seem to find a lot of flowers, fruits and insects to feed on around here in Maligcong.  My friend, Suzette, who owns her Maligcong Homestay noted that most of the birds I captured seem to be well-fattened.  Maybe a testament to the abundance of food which is good to know. | © 2019 Oggie Ramos | Taken with a Nikon B700, Handheld, Manual Mode 


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