Monday, September 7, 2020

Birding in the City: Spotting Zebra doves under the Buendia-Makati flyover

  The epic that is the Covid-19 pandemic is still continuing its storytelling with no end in sight.  While it's hard not to think of the many things that this epidemic has altered in its course of locking down countries and shutting off economic activities, there are some positives that resulted.  Wildlife, for one, appears to have recovered.  Not wanting to be cooped up all day, I have taken to feeding stray cats in the afternoon along with spotting birds along the busy intersection of Buendia/Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and South Superhighway, near where I live.  At times, I venture to the Ayala Triangle or Washington Sycip parks but if you keep a sharp eye for birds, spotting wildlife in the middle of the city can be fun and engaging.  

Here's further proof -- a pair of Zebra doves (Geopelia striata) that make it a habit to forage for leftover human (and cat) food under the flyover.  It's a fascinating thing to spot things that seem to be hidden in plain sight.  While I will never trade the forest or the mountains for the city, this enchantment with spotting birds and other wildlife such as skinks, geckos and lizards right at the heart of the city will suffice for now.


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