Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Mystery of Finding Two White Feathers

After years of following a single religion, I opened up myself to the possibilities of other divine beings half a decade ago, disassociating myself with equating spirituality with traditional religion/s.  I have always had lingering questions in my head (who doesn't?) especially during these times of uncertainty and I'm wondering what could be the significance of finding two white feathers on two separate instances and locations in a single afternoon.  This occurred just two days ago, the first while feeding my stray foster cats under the Buendia-South Superhighway flyover, and the second while heading inside Washington Sycip Park near old Greenbelt in Makati.  Could it be an assurance from my guardian angels as some mystical sites are saying?  I sure would appreciate some answers as well as divine intervention/ assistance.  Could it be an omen or portend of things to come?

Update: I found a third white feather under the Buendia flyover a week after finding the first two.  I still have to find out though what all of these mean.


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