Sunday, December 20, 2020

Earthing: Free Healing from the Ground Barefoot or Shoed Up

I've been grounding myself at the park ever since the quarantine loosened up a bit. But I've stumbled upon Clint Ober and his advocacy on Earthing (free 273-page ebook here and said, why not? It's a free resource from the Earth and I've got nothing to lose but my skepticism. Well, as a self-confessed empath, I have a natural affinity to energies and spirits anyway so this not so woo-woo sounding as it may be to other people. It also made sense to me since one of the offshoots of growing older is this growing openness to healing modalities that are not mainstream, not allopathic. 

The modality sounded well, sound, to me since it's addressing a literal disconnection to the Earth and the earth.  Wearing footwear, especially the rubber-soled ones, undoubtedly has its benefits like preventing our feet from getting wounds and scratches, keeping out dirt as well as worms that may cause maladies.  However, it keeps us from equalizing to the power of the earth itself.  Being surrounded by devices and equipment that generate EMFs (electromagnetic fields) as I am since I work online on an average of 8-10 hours a day, I need to dissipate all that positive energy if I am stay healthy and inflammation-free.

Ever since going barefoot for an hour or so when I visit the park on weekends, I noticed relief from excessive lower back pain as well as other niggling aches elsewhere in my body.  It's a pronounced improvement that I intend to ground myself indoors by undertaking a DIY project to tap into the grounding outlet of the high-rise building where I live for the times when I can't go out to the park (it's rainy; it's a workday; et al).

For people who can't (or won't) go barefoot for health (diabetics, for one) or sanitary reasons, Dr. Laura Koniver, one of the major proponents of Earthing, has come up with great alternative suggestions to Earth using your hands (yes, touching a plant or tree rooted in the ground is an excellent alternative).  View it by following this link.


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