Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sycip Park: Another Lifer Bird Spotted - Yellow-bellied Gerygone

Patience does has its benefits.  After several Saturdays of not spotting a new bird/insect/wildlife at the Washington Sycip Park, nature gave me a present yesterday in the form of a Yellow-bellied Gerygone (erstwhile known as the Yellow-bellied Flyeater; Scientific name: Gerygone sulphurea).  I wasn't even seated on my favorite bench when I spotted these birds making merry on the branches of a tall Bagras tree along the foot path.

I've recently read a comment on a friend's FB post on birds that all the writer sees are the same Eurasian Tree Sparrows in the city.  This new lifer is a testament to the fact that they're actually there, hidden from our eyes, just waiting for us to be patient, curious, and interested in spotting them.


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