Thursday, February 24, 2022

A Mystical Truth: What The Tree Told Me

Once the strict lockdowns eased up last year, the Washington Sycip Park became my favorite haunt.  For one, I keep discovering birds there which normally can be found in less urban settings. I also feed and bond with the cats there, including my favorite, Missy. I've also gone into Earthing and grounding myself while meditating.  In the course of time, I've sort of bonded with the trees there.  If you think that's strange, I even saw mystical beings right there. A faery in the middle of the business district?  I cannot unsee it. One time when I found myself at a rather deep level of meditation, I heard a whisper.  I opened my eyes and I thought it was my favorite tree trying to tell me something.

"Mankind keeps felling forests partly because of envy. We trees outlive man.  We witness the passing of generations, the falling of the proud and mighty. Humans cut us at their own peril."

Maybe I channeled a message from the tree. Or Gaia. Maybe both as everything is connected anyway. It's a profound thought I won't mind sharing even if some people would think me strange like probably how people perceived the author/eco-activist Derick Johnson when he said the coyotes listened to his pleading. I've come to terms with that anyway.  I gave my tree a warm hug and profuse thanks. And keep coming back to listen to deeper truths.

Relevant reading: A Language Older Than Words, Derick Jensen, 2004 Chelsea Green Publishing


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