Sunday, May 1, 2022

Maligcong Journal: The Paws That Bind

Meet some of the dogs that hold my heart

Kunig napping
It's no secret that alongside my human friends, I really want to see my canine pals in Maligcong.  A lot of things can happen in two years.  In my case, I lost a brother at the start of the lockdowns, found and lost 3 jobs, fostered dozens of cats and some dogs while weathering the pandemic.

TamTam contemplating

In the case of my canine friends, they were all a bit more mature now but still alive, thank God. The original guide dog, Kunig, gained quite some pounds. Maku, my spirit dog, is still reserved and regal (when he jumped and down on seeing me, that was really exceptional and I am honored to get that reaction from him). TamTam is still playful.  I would see Uncle Jeffrey's dog, Tiny, days later but I am humbled to see and hear him jump and whimper when he found out I was back. He's even bigger than I remembered him with paws that seem to make my hands rather small and puny-looking.  The next-door dogs, Harpy, Chase & Loki, would make occasional visits playing with me and the homestay dogs.
Maku, my spirit dog

During my week-long stay, every time I step out even just to buy something from Denya's store right across the homestay, several dogs would follow.  I tried birding alone but nope, about 6-7 dogs followed me around including the tiny but feisty Shihua

Harpy & Chase
I wasn't able to add to my birding life list nor has taken a lot of pictures for that matter but it's okay.  I think bonding with friends in real-time is more important than being preoccupied with taking pictures for sharing on social media.  I also share my bed with two of the dogs (I get 1/3 the space if I'm lucky). I love my dogs and I am not taking for granted the fact that they love me back.

Shihua has taken to either napping and snoring on my lap, to Maku's consternation. Or she would go to my stuff and sleep there. Makes me really scratch my head how Rene Descartes thought that dogs are automatons with no feelings.

Tiny, the gentle giant
Most days would find us just lying on the floor and enjoying each other's presence. If you have a dog, don't just feed him/her. They crave for human touch and company. They would love you unconditionally, regardless of your status, employment, bank savings or lack thereof.


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