Friday, April 28, 2023

Pigeon Birdspotting: A Close Encounter of the Bird Kind

Avian visitor on the ledge
I wrapped up work on a Friday, my first week on my new employment, when I heard some flapping of wings from outside my window.  There were two pigeons on the ledge of the building opposite where I live, high up on the 30th floor. I wasn't able to take a clear picture of the white one but her (I presume they were a couple) flecked companion is handsome. I won't ascribe to a heavenly cause since I've seen them before but it sure is nice to get a visit from these birds especially at the tail-end of a busy work week. Besides, I love birds and I miss birding. With my recent employment, it's gonna take some time before I can go out of town to the forests and boondocks to go birding so I relish these encounters I jokingly call "Close Encounters of the Bird Kind".


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