Sunday, November 26, 2023

Gardening Notes: When The Universe Sends You Something To Affirm Your Faith In Humanity

A green set of gifts -- Alocasia and Caladium

It's been a kinda bittersweet couple of months, especially, the last few weeks. I would've thought that there was relief coming to my corner of the world after a trying period from last year -- losing my job, getting sick with Long COVID-19 (4 months), selling my belongings to survive, being scammed, getting close to getting employment about thrice but not clinching it, getting sick with psoriasis, getting scammed again, and getting scammed still one more time. The past month, one of my brothers suffered a stroke. Honestly, if there's a reset or reboot button, I would've pressed it long ago.  I admire my sister for all she had to put up with. I can't do even half of what she does.

The other day, I was particularly on the low side of moods -- my two-month-old Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse faltered (my best bud called it Lugi-tech). I'm facing a payday with one day less pay. I mean, c'mon Universe. 

Then, I met a 2-3 year old cute kid wearing a shirt that says "Today is going to be a great day." Hmmm, I get the humor but I feel pained. I felt like telling the Universe, "you think that's funny, huh?" 

I only had like four hundred remaining in my funds for the pay period. But I had to buy a wired mouse so I can return to work next week. 

With only a hundred or so pesos in my pocket, I forlornly took the usual route along Santillan Street in Brgy. San Lorenzo, going back home. I meant to ask one of the plant sellers how much that small Caladium growing under one of the towering plants will cost so I can come back when I have money. 

I got a surprise when Mang Joven and Mang Jun gave it to me. Do I want to take the pot as well?  And the other pot of Alocasia? I didn't expect this act of kindness. But I need it.  I gladly accept it. And I am thankful. I came back yesterday for the Alocasia and repotted it today. I promise to buy plants from them (I'm eyeing their well-established pots of Rubber trees). 

This also made me think -- there's no harm in asking. You'll never know what you will get. So I'm asking the Universe as well. Can I get a reprieve and get some bit of good news for a change? If not for me, for my siblings, for my foster cats and dogs so I can feed and care for them.

Only a week old in my small patch of garden, the Caladium is thriving, replanted in three pots. The main one is about to unfurl a rather big leaf. I am thankful. I remember the reminder.


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