Monday, February 5, 2024

Every Seed is A Promise of Life: Sowing Peanut Butter in My Small Garden

Peanut Butter seedling 31 days after sowing seed

2 Seeds, 1 Life
My best buddy, Ironwulf, gifted me with an unusual present last holiday season -- two peanut butter tree seeds from Davao. I would've requested for more had I known this but went ahead and planted them in my small balcony garden anyway. The present was especially auspicious as they were given to me on the same date as the passing of my brother, the 29th.

I'm happy to say that the seeds got a 50% germination rate. The plant showed new growth daily ever since the seed sprouted in my second pot after just a week.  I've transplanted it just yesterday and found the root system to be extensive, balling up in the small pot where I've sown it. I've gardened for most of my life and up to now, I don't take seeds for granted. It's really amazing how such a small package hold the blueprint of life. I can't wait to post again after another month and see how tall this plant will grow. I know it takes two or so years before it fruits but I want to enjoy the process.

This simple act offers lessons -- one, is that life continues, and two, to give things a try. 


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